I am trying to set up SFTP access to my site and having problem.

Thankfully I found following link which was useful to set up Public Key Authentication on my GNU/Linux laptop.


Important Steps:

I had to generate SSH keys on my server and authorize the public key.

Then I had to download SSH private key to laptop.

Then I had to check whether .ssh directory already existed.

ls ~/.ssh

It did not exist, so I had to create it.

mkdir ~/.ssh

Then I had to copy SSH private key to this folder and change permission of folder and SSH key to 700

chmod 700 ~/.ssh

chmod 700 ~/.ssh/id_rsa*

Now try using SFTP from command prompt.

sftp -P <port number> <user>@<site> (Note: Use -P with a capital P, lowercase p will not work).

It did not work. I got error "Server unexpectedly closed network connection". Not sure what else to do. I am stuck.