How to reset the Oil Maintenance message for 2012 Lexus RX350

1. Odometer Must be in Trip A display.
2. Turn the car off.
3. Hold the Odometer button down and continue to hold throughout all the steps below.
4. Do NOT put your foot on the brake.
5. Push the ignition button twice. Do not hold.
6. Watch the display (continue to hold the Odometer button for about 5 seconds).
7. The Oil Maintenance light will reset after a few seconds.
The resetting procedure is complete when “000000” in the trip meter flashes once and the message in the panel display disappears.

Der Alte

On Saturday, I was browsing DVD's in the local library. Suddenly I remembered 'Der Alte' (a.k.a. The Old Fox).

This is a TV serial I used to watch on TV when I was a young kid. It is originally produced in german, but it was dubbed in english. I don't understand german anyway ;) It's about a german detective Herr Koster played brilliantly by Siegfried Lowitz. I still remember the story about a person who used to poison his victims giving them chocolates.