Photography Basics for beginner

Concepts to learn

  • Aperture f-stop
  • Shutter speed
  • Focal length (lens or zoom setting), focusing
  • ISO
  • White balance (temperature of photo)
  • Contrast, Brightness
  • Saturation and Hue
  • Exposure (underexposed, overexposed)
  • Flash compensation
  • Exposure compensation
  • Various modes of camera (Auto, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Program, Manual)
  • Various effects (sunrise, sunset, landscape, macro, child fast action etc.)
  • Bokeh
  • Camera sensor
  • Metering
  • Active D lighting
  • Lenses
  • Filters (Polarizer, UV, ND, GND)
  • Histogram
  • Noise
  • Camera flare
  • Circle of Confusion
  • Difference in camera with Full Frame sensor (Nikon FX format) and Cropped sensor (Nikon DX format)
  • Photo composition
  • HDR photography

Try New things

  • Fill Flash
  • Using Tripod and reducing camera shake (using remote, camera self-timer)
  • Single shot Vs. multiple shots (continuous mode)
  • Bracketing
  • Use fixed focus lens
  • Photos at sunrise and sunset
  • Long exposure for photos of waterfall, cars on the road at night, fireworks
  • HDR photography
  • Macro photography
  • Filters
  • Exposure control, Using EV
  • Panning
  • RAW format

Learn New things

  • How to read EXIF data after taking a photo
  • How to read a histogram and understand its significance
  • How to arrange photos in digiKam
  • How to edit photos using Gimp
  • How to make photo galleries
  • How to keep photo back-ups
  • How to display photographs online using zenfolio
  • How to protect online photographs if you are a professional (copy protection, watermarks, copyrights)

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