ABAP pre-defined functions

Predefined Functions - Overview

The following tables show the predefined functions by purpose. Predefined functions are generally processing functions or description functions.

  • A processing function performs general processing and returns a return code according to its purpose.
  • A description function determines a property of an argument and usually returns this property as a numerical value.

Logical Functions

Function Meaning
boolc, boolx Boolean functions
contains, contains_any_of, contains_any_not_of Predicate functions for strings
matches Predicate function for strings


Numerical Functions

Function Meaning
abs, ceil, floor, frac, sign, trunc General numerical functions
nmax, nmin Numerical extremum functions
acos, asin, atan, cos, sin, tan, cosh, sinh, tanh, exp, log, log10, sqrt Floating point functions
round, rescale Rounding functions


String Functions

Function Meaning
char_off, charlen, dbmaxlen, numofchar, strlen Length functions
cmax, cmin Character-like extremum value functions
count, count_any_of, count_any_not_of Search functions
distance Similarity function
condense Condense function
concat_lines_of Concatenation function
escape Escape symbol function
find, find_end, find_any_of, find_any_not_of Search functions
insert Insert function
match Substring function
repeat Repeat function
replace Replace function
reverse Reverse function
Segment Segment function
shift_left, shift_right Shift functions
substring, substring_after, substring_from, substring_before, substring_to Substring functions
to_upper, to_lower, to_mixed, from_mixed Case functions
translate Translation function


Byte String Functions

Function Meaning
xstrlen Length function
bit_set Bit function


Table Functions

Function Meaning
lines Row function