Data cleanup for Raiser's Edge

Examples of "Dirty Data"

  • Errors/Inaccuracies
  • Duplicates
  • Redundant Tracking
  • Inconsistent Data Entry

Run following queries to keep your data clean in Raiser's Edge application.

  1. (Zip or State or Country s blank) and send email t o this address = 'Y'
  2. Primary Addressess or Primary Salutation is blank
  3. Preferred Address is blank
  4. Name contains Test
  5. Constituent has a spouse, but no individual relationship is set up.
  6. Constituent is deceased, but no deceased datae is entered
  7. Constituent is deceased, but spouse is not marked as "Head of Household"
  8. Neither spouse is marked as "Head of Household"
  9. Title is blank or primary addressee/salutation is blank for key indicator = 'I' (Individual)
  10. Title 1 or First name or Last name is blank
  11. Address 1 is blank
  12. (Spouse is deceased or marital status is Divorced/Separated/Widowed), but primary salutation contains Mr. and Mrs.
  13. Address not validated
  14. Constituent code is blank
  15. Preferred name is blank
  16. Emails with common typos or incorrect emails (e.g. )
  17. Hard bounced emails still active
  18. Required attributes are missing
  19. Gifts without tracking attributes
  20. Unacknowledged gifts, tributes
  21. No solicitor assigned to a gift
  22. Event registration missing a linked gift
  23. Actions not assigned to a fundraiser

Keep following data CLEAN.

  • Address - Use Address validation with USPS, NCOA
  • Age - Lexis Nexis
  • Credit Card - Expired credit card information needs to be updated
  • Deceased information - Find Obituary information also.
  • Email
  • Phone