Der Alte

On Saturday, I was browsing DVD's in the local library. Suddenly I remembered 'Der Alte' (a.k.a. The Old Fox).

This is a TV serial I used to watch on TV when I was a young kid. It is originally produced in german, but it was dubbed in english. I don't understand german anyway ;) It's about a german detective Herr Koster played brilliantly by Siegfried Lowitz. I still remember the story about a person who used to poison his victims giving them chocolates.

I tried to locate Video cassettes and DVD's in the libray and local bookstores, but could not find anything. I also searched eBay. I did find 2 DVD's but they were in german. If any of you have 'Der Alte' in English, please let me know. I will be very happy to buy the copies from you. Even if you don't have the DVD's, but remember watching the TV serial, do let me know. It will be really nostalgic that we still remember about Herr Koster after all these years.