Free Software I use

Below is the list of Free Software that I use regularly or have used in the past.

  • Drupal - Content Management system. This website is designed in Drupal
  • Notepad ++ - Source code editor (replacement of Notepad, proprietary Microsoft editor)
  • KeePass - Password Manager
  • Firefox - web browser (replacement of Internet Explorer web browser)
  • Tor Project - For online privacy
  • Mozilla Thunderbird - email and news client, RSS feed reader (replacement of Microsoft Outlook)
  • Greenshot - Screenshot tool with image editor (for Microsoft Windows) - replacement of Microsoft Paint
  • LibreOffice - replacement of Microsoft Office suite
  • VLC Media Player - replacement of Microsoft Windows media player
  • 7z - File archiver with data compression and encryption (replacement of WinZip)
  • FileZilla - FTP & SFTP client (replacement of WS_FTP & Microsoft IIS)
  • GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) - replacement of PGP
  • Eraser - Securely erase data from Microsoft Windows
  • digiKam - Photo & image organizer (replacement of Adobe Lightroom)
  • GIMP - Photo and image editor (replacement of Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint)
  • Pidgin - Universal Chat Client
  • Git - distributed version control system (replacement of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe)
  • SpamAssassin - Stop spam
  • Calibre - eBook management

As you can see from the above list, you can do all the work that you do using proprietary Microsoft Windows environment. These software programs will do much more work, while RESPECTING YOUR FREEDOM.

Try Free Software. I am sure that you won't regret the decision.