HP Color Laserjet won't print in color on Windows 10

My HP Color Laserjet Pro M275 printer was printing in black and white only, but not in color on my new Windows 10 machine.

I fixed this problem by following instructions given here.


  1. Make sure that you are using the latest HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) available (version 5.3 or newer).

  2. Open Printer Properties and verify that the print driver indicates color support in the driver on the General tab. If the Color: setting in the Features section on the General tab is set to No, the driver is not configured to print in color.

  3. If the Color: setting in the Features section on the General tab is set to No, click the Device Settings tab, and under Installable Options, click Automatic Configuration: Off (the default) to display the drop-down list, and then select Update Now to perform an Automatic Configuration. The driver sends an SNMP command to the printer to retrieve the device information.

  4. If the Auto Configuration fails (UPD version 5.0 and newer), the UPD will default to the Monochrome setting. To resolve this issue, manually change the printer type setting. On the Device Settings tab, click Device Type: Auto Detect to display the drop-down list and then select Color.

  5. If after the Automatic Configuration the Duplex Unit (for 2-Sided Printing): option reads Not Installed, manually change it to Installed. (I had change this manually)

  6. Click the General tab to verify that the Color: and/or Double-sided: settings under Features are Yes, click Print Test Page to confirm, and then click OK to save the settings.