Infotype 0001 - Organizational Assignment

The Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) deals with the incorporation of the associate into the organizational structure and the personnel structure. This data is very important for security authorizations and control of Payroll.

Enterprise Structure
The CoCode (company code), Pers.area (personnel area), and Cost center fields cannot be maintained in this infotype. They already contain default values that come from the position. These values can only be edited by carrying out a personnel Action.

Personnel Structure
The system derives the values for the EE group (Employee group) and EE subgroup (Employee subgroup) fields from the Actions infotype (0000). These values cannot be overwritten. These values should only be assigned by carrying out a personnel Action.

The Organizational Assignment infotype (0001) has the time constraint 1, which means that an infotype data record must exist in the system at all times as of the date on which the employee is hired.