Online backup service

I take backup on portable hard-disk, but I wanted online backup/file sync as well.

My requirements were very simple.

  1. The online service should have linux client (my primary need) as well as Windows client. (for family)
  2. Phone app would be nice.
  3. End to end encryption needed, even at client level
  4. Online service needs to have zero knowledge and they should not be able to decrypt my personal data.
  5. File versioning is needed.
  6. Sharing of files with others should be possible. (preferably with an expiring password).
  7. Free trial plan should be available so that I can test it.
  8. Pricing should be reasonable. I am ok with paid service. (My first choice is nextCloud, but nobody seems to offer it as a paid service and I was unsuccessful to get it working on my personal server due to timeout issues.)
  9. I am also concerned where the servers are located. (Not is USA)
  10. Two factor authentication will be nice, although it won't be deal breaker at this time.

So I started my research to find a suitable online provider and got useful information on wikipedia about comparison of online backup services.

Considering my essential requirement of having Linux client, zero knowlege and server location, I narrowed doen the list to following contenders:

  • Cloudberry backup (not considered as it has no phone app)
  • Crashplan
  • IASO backup
  • Infrascale
  • Jungle Disk (not considered due to proprietary license for client)
  • SpiderOak (not considered as phone app is for download only)
  • Tarsnap (not considered as it has no phone app)
  • Tresorit

That leaves only following choices

  • Crashplan (Server in USA although Australia may be an option, free trial possible, but way too expensive for $10 per month per computer)
  • IASO backup (Got error as access denied when tried to visit website)
  • Infrascale (American company, partners with Google, more geared towards businesses and not individuals)
  • Tresorit

Tresorit is more expensive than and also has proprietary license wheras source code is available for review; so I have decided to try I will update here how it goes.

It is interesting to note that is based in New Zealand which is part of 5 eyes, whereas Tresorit is Switzerland based and is not part of 14 eyes. However, I did look at transperancy report from and was reasonably satisfied.

Other options I found are (No Linux client, so not useful for me) and pCloud (keeps servers in the USA, charges extra for zero-knowledge encryption ) although I have not done any review for these 2 options.