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Since you came to this page, it implies that you would like to know more about me. As you must have guessed, my name is Uday; hence the web-site uday.net I happened to get this domain name in 2002, so picked it immediately. I started this site because I had some free time. The main reason was to consolidate all the information I need regularly. Another reason was to have my own email ID @ some domain. I was using free email from Hotmail and I used to get a lot of junk mail.

Ok, little more about myself. I grew up in Bombay (now called Mumbai, although personally I prefer Bombay.) I spent my childhood in Godrej Colony which is one of the best places in the entire Bombay. I completed my schooling in Vikhroli and then in Ruia College. I completed my engineering from College of Engineering, Pune in Instrumentation branch. You may ask "What is Instrumentation?" Well, I cannot answer that here, but there was a very interesting paper from ISA several years ago which explained rather very well how Instrumentation engineers themselves don't understand what it means.

After my graduation, I worked for a great company (L&T, in case you are curious) for almost 5 years. I was planning to work there for the rest of my life, but my manager refused me a transfer to the department I wanted. I would say that was one of the important turning points in my life. So I joined a company in SEEPZ, started coding in C, Visual Basic and then ERP systems. Currently I live in the USA. I used to work as a consultant; now I work as a fulltime employee in a company, spending rest of my time with my family. I am also trying to learn new skills, to be prepared, when eventually US jobs move offshore. I recently read (again) My son's father by Dom Moraes. Who knows, I may write my autobiography. If you think that it not such a bad idea, send me an email or call me at eight three two 3 0 3 two eight five eight.