My favorite android applications

I was planning for this blog entry for really a long time. Thanks to Tony, I have finally overcome my laziness and decided to write this.

Here is the list of apps on my android phone. Most of them are my favorite Android apps, which I use on regular basis (unless mentioned otherwise) Most of the applications are free (as in free beer, not necessarily free as in freedom) However, I have bought a few paid applications as well.


  1. AK Notepad - Notes list
  2. Astrid Tasks - Task List
  3. Color Note - Combination of AK Notepad + Astrid. But I use all these 3 apps.
  4. KeePassDroid - Useful for storing all your passwords. (Then put KeePassDroid inside DropBox so that it gets synched across all your computers).
  5. Google Voice - For Free texting
  6. Advanced Task Killer (ATK) - Kills processes running in the background. Helps save battery.
  7. Corporate Directory - Synchs with your company\'s exchange server.
  8. Dropbox - Synchs files across various computers + Android. Works with Linux, MicroSoft, Mac OS etc.
  9. PDANet - For tethering phone, never really used it.
  10. Voice Recorder - Leave yourself a quick voicemail. Useful when spouse tells you to fetch stuff from store.
  11. Where's My Droid - Just in case of emergency. I got the donation version.

Personal Finance

  1. Google Finance
  2. Stock Quote
  3. Yahoo Finance
  4. Morningstar
  5. iStockManager
  7. PageOnce

Social Apps

  1. Facebook - I use it almost daily.
  2. EcoBirthday - Synchs friends birthday with Google Calendar
  3. Twitter - I do not use this much
  4. Yelp - To find nearest good restaurant

Useful stuff

  1. ShopSavvy - Scan a barcode on any product and compare prices
  2. Key Ring
  3. Pandora - internet radio without commercials
  4. Battery Widget - tells you how much juice is left in the battery
  5. Gesture Search
  6. 10001 Cocktails
  7. Google Books
  8. Droid Coupons
  9. Houston Traffic
  10. Karl's Mortgage - mortgage calculator and amortization schedule
  11. Movies
  12. Shazam - finds a song based on a tune or a short clip of song.
  13. WeatherBug
  14. Zillow - real estate application

Fun Stuff/Relaxation

  1. DailyStrip
  2. Funny Jokes


  1. BBC News
  2. Google News and Weather
  3. Bloomberg
  4. NewsPro (Thompson Reuters)
  5. Newspaper


  1. BreakTheBrick
  2. Labyrinth
  3. OpenSudoku
  4. Coloroid
  5. Trap
  6. GemMine
  7. Torect Lite
  8. Bebbled
  9. Jewels
  10. PapiJump
  11. Unblock Me
  12. Traffic Jam