How I made space on Digital Ocean droplet

The droplet on Digital Ocean for my Rails project did not have any space left.

Here is how I created space by deleting files.

1. Login using SSH and check available space using $df -h

2. Check disk usage using du command.

$du -h | sort -h

This will list the directories showing the biggest size at the bottom.

I noticed that ./project/shared/log folder was consuming 3.3GB space.

3. In another terminal window, I opened sftp session.

4. sftp>cd project/shared/log

How to add bootstrap 5 to an existing Rails 7 app

I tried to install bootstrap 5 in existing Rails 7 application. The keyword "existing" is very important because for a new application you can try following.

$rails new app-name -j esbuild --css cssbundling-rails (Note: Do NOT miss -j flag to install JavaScript first. In one Youtube video, it was skipped, however it did NOT work for me for a test app I tried to install. Not sure why.)

How to set up Ubuntu 20.04 laptop

Recently, I could not boot into my laptop because the laptop ran out of space. No attempt to resize sda was successful. Since the disk was encrypted, I could not even access my data files.

I had to wipe out my current installation of Ubuntu 18.10 and install Ubuntu 20.04

Here are the steps I had to take to get the laptop ready.

0. Create Ubuntu iso image CD and install Ubuntu 20.04 onto laptop.

1. Install Mullvad VPN client

2. Customize Firefox browser