Reports for Goals and performance management

Following reports are used to extract Employee Data.

1) RH_SFI_TRIGGER_EMPL_DATA_REPL : To extract employee data "Full file" (T-code = HRSFI_EMP_DATA_REPL)

2) RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA : To extract employee data "Delta file" (T-code = HRSFI_SYNCH_EMP_DATA)

It is recommended that you use the report #2 above and not report #1 for following reasons:

  • Report #1 always creates a FULL file only, not delta. (This is not such a bad thing from IT point of view, but see below).
  • The monitoring tool (web dynpro application) does NOT display notifications for report RH_SFI_TRIGGER_EMPL_DATA. It displays only the notifications for RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA.
  • This report #1 must use "file transfer" method to send data to SF, it cannot use middlewarae. Integration using middleware is only available for RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA (Again, this is not a bad thing from IT point of view. Sending data using files is always easier than using middleware)
  • You can extract "Full file" with report #2 if needed. In short, report #2 RH_SFI_SYNCHRONIZE_EMPL_DATA can do everything done by #1 and something more.

Caution: You must decide which report to use. You cannot use the 2 reports interchaneably.