How to update your rooted Android device

I used these instructions to upgrade my rooted device to Android 4.4.4 and then to Android 5.0.1 without losing my data.

Review -

I recently ordered bank checks from & Verdict: NOT RECOMMENDED.

The price was almost the same compared with its competitors, so I decided to take a chance with I ordered 4 boxes of duplicate checks from the classics series and paid $43 including shipping.

However, when I received the checks that each box had only 4 booklets, each containing 25 checks (i.e. 100 checks per box). Furthermore, the check printing is not of good quality and the checks appear shifted towards left edge.

Popular programming languages

While doing research online to decide whether to use PHP or Python for a new web based application, I found the following post very useful.

I also came across following index, to decide how popular a programming language is.



Craigslist Meets WallStreet

Below is a highly amusing posting on Craigslist that I found via the Bogleheads Forum.

What am I doing wrong?


विनोदी कविता

तू सुई, मी दोरा
तू काळी, मी गोरा

तू पोळी, मी भात
तू फुटबॉल, मी लाथ

तू बशी, मी कप
तू उशी, मी झोप

तू बॉल, मी बॅट
तू उंदीर, मी कॅट

मी मुंगळा, तू मुंगी
तू साडी, मी लुन्गी

तू लव्ह, मी प्रेम
तू फोटो, मी फ्रेम

तू डोकं, मी केस
तू साबण, मी फेस

तू निसर्ग, मी फिजा
तू कविता, "मी माझा"

तू घुबड, मी पंख
तू विंचू, मी डंख

तू साम्बार, मी डोसा
तू बॉक्सर, मी ठोसा

तू कणीक, मी पोळी
तू औषध, मी गोळी

तू पेट्रोल, मी कार
तू दारु, मी बार